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In a personal battle, Berhane underwent a kidney transplant, a procedure that spanned 17 years of his life. Despite this health ordeal, he continued to pursue his passion for music, inspiring countless fans around the world. As an expression of his gratitude to those who stood by him during this challenging time, he dedicated a song called “Misgana” on his album, symbolizing his profound appreciation for the unwavering support he received.
Beyond his musical achievements and philanthropy, Berhane Haile is a dedicated father of four, balancing his career with his role as a loving parent. This aspect of his life demonstrates his commitment to both his family and his artistic pursuits, adding depth to his already remarkable persona.


Berhane Haile, the popular Tigrigna singer, hails from the historic and ancient town of Axum in Tigray. He began his singing career in Asmara, Eritrea, where he showcased his exceptional talent and captivating voice. Notably, he was a member of the prominent Roha band and Walia band in Asmara, further establishing his musical prowess. Despite facing significant health challenges, Berhane’s dedication to his craft and his philanthropic endeavors remains truly remarkable. Recently, he has been actively involved in charitable work, particularly in Sudan, providing support to Tigrayan refugees who were displaced due to the conflict in Tigray. This selfless act of kindness showcases his unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.
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Community Engagement and Activism

Berhane Haile, who resides in Seattle, is an active member of the Tigrian community there. While making a positive impact locally, his philanthropic efforts also extend to supporting Tigrian refugees in Sudan, with a special focus on women and children. He actively collaborates with various organizations and individuals to provide aid and resources to Tigrayan women and children who have sought refuge in Sudan. Berhane’s dedication to this cause aims to empower these vulnerable populations by offering educational opportunities, healthcare, and other essential support. His commitment to making a difference in the lives of Tigrian refugees in Sudan reflects his compassion and concern for those in need, while simultaneously being an engaged and supportive member of the Tigrian community in Seattle.

In the beginning

Berhane Haile’s journey from Axum to Asmara, his perseverance through health struggles, and his dedication to humanitarian efforts have shaped him into a truly influential figure. His rich and heartfelt music continues to resonate with audiences, while his actions and character inspire admiration and respect. Berhane’s legacy as a Tigrigna singer, father, and compassionate individual will undoubtedly endure for generations to come.
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Currently, Berhane Haile resides in Seattle, USA, where he has made his home for over two decades. The United States has been a significant part of his life’s journey, granting him citizenship and providing him with opportunities to further his musical career and personal growth. His presence in Seattle has allowed him to connect with diverse audiences and contribute to the multicultural fabric of the city’s vibrant music scene

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